Kelly Florentia



I've always enjoyed writing and was a bit of a poet when I was younger. I've still got some of my poems stuffed in a drawer somewhere! I'm a north London girl. I was born and raised in the area, where I continue to live with my husband Joe, and where my novels No Way Back and The Magic Touch are set.


My love affair with writing fiction began when I sold my first story to Best magazine many years ago. The publication gave me a huge boost and turned me into a keen short story writer almost immediately. My shorts stories have now been published in women’s magazines worldwide and have been featured in several charity anthologies. My short story collection To Tell a Tale or Two is available to download from Amazon.



I usually write at my desktop in my office but, being a lover of americanos, I'll often be found in a local café editing over a cup of coffee or two, especially when I'm editing a novel or a short story. Yes, it can get quite busy and noisy in my local coffee shop, but I find that I can switch off from the surrounding noise once I'm involved in a plot, and I seem to get more work done when I'm away from home distractions. And social  media! Plus I get to do lots of people watching.






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